Pupils receive defibrillator training

Arts & Education
A Tameside school presented with a defibrillator is training its pupils in how to use the life saving device.
All Year 6 pupils at Dane Bank Primary School, Denton, as well as eight members of staff, have received the training - which can hugely increase someone’s chances of survival following a cardiac arrest.
The defibrillator was donated to the school by Tameside Magistrates Social Committee, while Friends of Dane Bank School raised money for the training.
Pastroral manager Lisa Fox said: “We were delighted to be presented with the defibrillator and thought it was a good opportunity for the wider school community – not just the staff – to learn how to use it and teach our year 6 pupils some valuable life skills.
“It has also given pupils a greater understanding of first aid and when defibrillators might be used – it’s not just middle aged people who are unfit who may collapse with cardiac arrest – it can happen to young people and football stars on the pitch.
“Although the defibrillator is very self-explanatory and easy to use, the training will hopefully give the pupils the confidence to actually use one in a real life or death situation.”
Pupil Jack Best said: “This is definitely a real change from what we normally do in lessons and it’s amazing to think that it might help us one day save someone’s life.”