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Saturday 20th May

Hyde Festival Theatre

Corporation Street


SK14 1AB


0161 327 2844

  • 20 May 2023 - 20 May 2023
  • Hyde Festival Theatre
  • Corporation Street

The work of Sir Terry Pratchett OBE comes to Guide Bridge Theatre in a wonderful adaptation by Stephen Briggs. If you like your comic fantasy turned up to the maximum you will be delighted with this tale of witches and royalty, loosely based on Macbeth.
The ambitious wife of Duke Felmet persuades him to murder his cousin, King Verence I of Lancre. An escaping servant gives the King's crown and child to three witches; Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg  and Magrat Garlick. They hand the child to a troupe of travelling actors and hide the crown in the props-box. So destiny can take its course and the child can one day take his rightful place as king, right? Well things are never simple with these witches.


0161 330 8078

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  • 15 May 2023 - 20 May 2023
  • Guide Bridge Theatre
  • Audenshaw Road


This event is being Presented by ShowStoppers Theatre Group (Adult Group)


Dates and Times 17th & 18th February 2023

7pm till late both evenings


The event is being held in the upstairs bar (Madge Bayes Hall) and may not be suitable for those with stair climbing difficulties.

In addition, tables are allocated in 8's. Those customers booking 8 seats on one booking will be accommodated together on an exclusive table. Those booking 7 or less on one booking will be asked to share tables with another party. It is not advisable to book both performances as the same story/script is used.


Alice is not safe in Wonderland. There is an assassin in the kingdom.  you can watch the scenes, interrogate the cast, look for the clues in order to solve this murder mystery

  • 17 February 2023 - 18 February 2023
  • Hyde Festival Theatre
  • Corporation Street

The Murder Room

By Jack Sharkey

Two days after their wedding Edgar discovers that Mavis - a nasty piece of work - is being unfaithful.

After her first attempt to kill him by poisoning his cocoa fails when the cat dies instead, Mavis resorts to shooting him and then returning to her lover. Chaos and complications reign when it transpires that the shots were blanks and that Edgar's body has vanished.

The Murder Room spoofs the traditional "locked-room" murder mystery with mistaken identities, hysterical characters, fast paced action and witty, clever dialogue.


Guide Bridge Theatre

Audenshaw Road, Audenshaw, Manchester M34 5HJ

0161 330 8078

  • 13 February 2023 - 18 February 2023
  • Guide Bridge Theatre
  • Audenshaw Road, Audenshaw

 NEW exhibition at Portland Basin Museum, Ashton, offers an opportunity to see key objects from the Manchester Regiment collection, many of which have never previously been on display.

Spanning conflicts such as the Second Boer War (1899-1902), the world wars as well as national service, they include uniforms, medals, souvenirs, drums, trophies and badges, all of which tell personal stories.

Among them are a food tin on which Private Wilkinson engraved images documenting his time as a Japanese prisoner of war, fragments of the regimental colours carried by James Hulton Clutterbuck before he was killed in the Crimea, and the medals of Private Fred Finucane, a First World War boy soldier from Ashton who died of dysentery sailing to Egypt.

Thanks to funding from the Army Museums Ogilby Trust, Tameside Museums has been able to update more than 800 stories behind medals donated to the Manchester Regiment collection. This fascinating resource is available at

Cllr Sangita Patel, Tameside Council's assistant executive member for culture, heritage and digital inclusivity, said: "The Manchester Regiment had a long and proud association with Tameside, and it is one which has continued through its successors, the Kings and Duke of Lancaster's regiments. All three hold the freedom of Ashton or Tameside.

"This new exhibition at Portland Basin Museum outlines the stories of men who volunteered or were called up to serve their country. While each is unique to the individual soldier, they are all poignant and touching."

"Soldiers' Stories: The Men of the Manchesters", opens on Armistice Day, Friday, November 11, and continues until 2 July, 2023. Portland Basin Museum is open Tuesday to Sunday (10am to 4pm). Admission is free. For more information visit

  • 11 November 2022 - 02 July 2023
  • Portland Basin Museum
  • Portland Place

Guide Bridge Youth Theatre presents

I'm not afraid of spiders; I'm petrified

After becoming separated from their group leaders during a weekend in Wales, the children of Guide Bridge Youth Theatre find themselves in a forest clearing home to some unusual, and not entirely welcoming, woodland creatures.  With no sign of their leaders, or even an emergency helicopter, the children settle into their new surroundings and as they come to understand the creatures lifestyle they soon begin to see the effects their time there is having on the plants and wildlife.

When rescue finally comes, the children are happy to be returning home but now the forest is dying and the creatures way of life has been badly affected.  Full of regret, the children decide to do whatever they can to help and make changes, but what can city children do from hundreds of miles away and how can they do it?  Or is it too late for the beautiful forest and its inhabitants?

About Guide Bridge Youth Theatre

Jackie and Sue have been busy welcoming new members to the Youth Theatre whilst working with all the children over the winter honing their skills on improvisation and characterisation in preparation for a new production called Im Not Scared of Spiders; Im Petrified  We have some great young characters who love to showcase their skills especially when working in groups with their co-stars in the improvised drama sessions held each Monday at the Theatre.

For more information about the GBYT, contact Jackie:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile: 07971 163649

  • 16 July 2022 - 18 July 2022
  • Guide Bridge Theatre
  • Audenshaw Road

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