Aladdin- Ballet Theatre UK

Tameside Cultural Services are delighted to welcome the incredible Ballet Theatre UK back to the Festival Theatre for the world premier tour of their new production.

Come and join one of the UK’s best loved ballet companies in their mesmerising re-telling of the tale of Aladdin! Follow the captivating tale of the lovable street-rat Aladdin and his cheeky side-kick Abu, as they go in search for bigger and better things! Tricked and deceived by an evil sorcerer Aladdin sets out on a quest to find the ultimate treasure, however only managed to acquire an old and dusty lamp! However one jewel that does catch his eye is Princess Jasmine. Bored of her isolated life, she seeks the thrills and excitement of the unknown.

Will Aladdin ever find the life he so hopes for? Will he ever find true love? Will Jasmine ever escape her mundane life? Come and find out as we visit them all in what has been described as one of the “Top Five Dance Productions Touring the UK” - The Independent.”