Residents help to save public money by sorting out their blue bin recycling

TAMESIDE residents have responded superbly to a plea to make sure only clean paper and card goes in their blue bins to save money and help the environment.

The blue bin contamination campaign, jointly launched by Tameside Council and Recycle for Greater Manchester in February, is already saving approximately £14,500 per month, helping to safeguard limited funds for priority services.

From April to October, 2020, more than 340 lorry-loads of paper and card recycling from Tameside were rejected as they were contaminated with other waste such as nappies, plastic bags, polystyrene and even food. This added up to more than 1,600 tonnes and cost around £142,000 in landfill charges.

However, in the first month of the campaign, only three lorry-loads were turned down. That is a 92% improvement on the normal monthly average of 38 and represents a possible annual saving of almost £175,000.

Cllr Allison Gwynne, Tameside Council's executive member with responsibility for waste and recycling, said: "I want to say a huge thank-you to all of our residents for responding so positively to the campaign and sorting out their blue bin recycling correctly. This is saving significant amounts of public money that can now go towards vital frontline services.

"This has been a truly exceptional effort and I want to urge everyone to keep up the good work so that we can keep seeing the financial and environmental benefits."

As part of the campaign, waste services manager Garry Parker explains more about the issue with contaminated blue bins here

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