Lucky penny coin helps win Lottery prize

A penny coin picked up from the pavement and used to rub a lottery ticket by 49 year old Sean Lloyd from Tameside netted a million pounds win!
The granddad-of-five and father to Dwayne, Serena, Zack, and Kieron said: “Some may say it is a cliché but winning the lottery really has changed all of our lives".
Sean and his family have moved to a lavish five-bedroom home, complete with a dedicated sports room, bar, grand piano in the hall and full professional darts oche, board and scoring system.
His pride and joy is a stunning 2.5m-high wishing well, made with three tonnes of stone, at the bottom of his garden featuring two huge fibre glass hands, replicating the National Lottery logo, holding a large coin, he has already flung his first penny into the water and now encourages all guests to grab a similar slice of luck.
He added :
“I will certainly be encouraging all of my family and friends who visit to throw a penny into the fountain - and perhaps I can bring them some good luck too!”
All coins thrown into the water are be collected up and given to charities.
Sean, married to Melanie for 28 years, still does the lottery, and has already been on holiday to Mexico and is planning his 25-year-old daughter Serena’s wedding in the Dominican Republic. He has kept the ticket safe in his wallet and often rubs it on to other lottery tickets  as well as lending it to friends.
Sean said:
“I’m going to spend the money, not save it. Live for today and enjoy it is my motto.
“When the cash runs out, I’ll play the lottery again and rub my penny "
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