Strange lights over Tameside turn out to be circus show

Fears of extra-terrestrial activity over Tameside have been put down to a circus show.
Police in Tameside have received two separate reports of ‘strange lights’ being seen in the sky at around 10pm and 11pm last night.
They were said to be ‘dancing and merging together.’
An officer who was out on patrol could also see them but after some investigation reported back that they were spotlights.
However it has now been discovered they are part of a show being staged in Oldham .
Planet Circus are currently in the middle of an 11-night run of their show ‘OMG’ which is being held in Hollinwood , near Failsworth.
GMP Tameside North , which covers Ashton-under-Lyne amongst other areas saw the funny side posting on their page: “Report last night of strange white lights in the sky over Ashton.
“Lights where dancing about and merging together.
“Strangely there was a similar report over in Middleton just an hour before.”
They then said: “There are only two people who I know who can investigate this.......” alongside a photo of Mulder and Scully from legendary 90s sci-fi TV show The X-Files.
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