Hyde Ex-soldier faces extradition to America


Army Veteran David Mclntyre,from Hyde has been charged in the US with offences relating to a contract he was awarded to provide security in Iraq for a US peace Group.

Mclntyre denies the allegations and is asking to be allowed to prove his innocence in Britian.Despite intervention by Stalybridge and Hyde Mp Jonathan Reynolds  his appeal has been turned down by the Home Secretary.

The allegations emerged last July when Mclyntyre was in Afganistan.He said "I was sat down eating at Camp Bastion when I got a tap on the shoulder from the Seargent Major. They took my rifle off me and told me that I would be sent back to the UK because there was an international arrest warrant issued by the Americans for my arrest. It was just complete disbelief."

Mclyntyre,who is suffering from (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,is being supported by group Friends Extra Dited.Spokeswoman Melanie Riley said the case"should send shivers down the spine of anyone serving in our forces. America doesnt treat its serviceman this way why does Britian? David clearly needs treatment for his PTSD and if hes broken any laws he should be tried in Britian."

A petition is runing at www.change.org/savedave and on twitter using the hashtag #savedave

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