Tameside dance school moves into new studios

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Your Tameside reports on the opening of Freedom Dancers new premises on Market Street hyde.

"I took my place in the queue waiting for a first glimpse of the new studios with all the expectant youngsters and their parents.When the doors opened and we entered the new premises everyone was so impresses with the decor and layout of the studios,a lot of hard work had gone into everything by owner Laura-Jayne and her team.



There was a very spacious main dance room where everyone gathered for photographs including the mischevious "Freedom Bear" above.We were then taken through a guided tour of all the different rooms and areas which catered for all forms of dance including a special room for tap dancing "The Green Room".


There is also a craft room where children can attend craft workshops and face painting(see below).


The whole set was very well organised and all the youngsters are signed in to the dance school in a special signing in room.

Freedom Dancers have a great reputation in Tameside and beyond here are just a few quotes from local organisations and those connected with dance:

"Freedom Dancers enthusiasm and commitment are a real breath of fresh air.It's always a pleasure to be involved in such positive partnerships."TAMESIDE CULTURAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT

"We love having Freedom perform in the pantomimes they perform beautifully".SUZANNE FULTON FROM PENDLETON PRODUCTIONS.

"We had the pleasure of working with Freedom in Blackpool as part of the chance 2 dance Uk tour.We wanted to commend your choreography and your ability to draw the audience into your performing so they can experience what it's like to be part of Freedom if only for a few minutes".JOHN-PAUL LAKE PRODUCER OF CHANCE 2 DANCE.

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