Tamesides got talent 2014

Arts & Education
Mr O's/The Bridge Inn, Stalybridge host's the biggest Talent Competition in town.

Mr O's plays host to  'Tamesides Got Talent' and has joined forces with Tameside radio & Tameside Reporter as we search for our home grown superstar. live on air coverage, discussions and videos of acts will be available to watch on Tameside Radio website, plus all act's who are successful in getting in the heat stages will be thrown into the spotlight all around Tameside, its going to be bigger and better than ever... Whether you're a singer, dancer, comedy act, Musician or have your very own talent...You could win the cash prize.

Last year was amazing & this year were going all out with new judges & twists along the way... and not forgetting £1000 cash prize to be won!!

Heat 1 - 1st November
Heat 2 - 9th November
Heat 3 - 16th November
Heat 4 - 28th November
Semi Final 1 - 30th November
Semi Final 2 - 7nd December
Grand Final - 14th December
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