Tameside children get early education start

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MORE Tameside children are getting a great start to their early education according to latest figures.


The borough now has 95% of eligible two years in early education and childcare settings. And 95% of local private, voluntary and independent early years providers are rated as good or above by Ofsted.
This is having a huge impact in preparing children well for starting school and further achievement, with school readiness rates for Tameside increasing from 42% four years ago to 66% in 2016/17.
According to the Department of Education, “high quality early education and childcare, delivered with love and care, can have a powerful impact on young children….the evidence is clear that a good start in these early years can have a positive effect on children’s development, preparing them for school and later life”.
Tameside Council’s Early Years Provider Development Team support Ofsted regulations and standards by supporting Early Years providers to ensure they are delivering the highest quality childcare and education to  children.
Tameside Council Executive Member Cllr Jim Fitzpatrick, who is responsible for Children and Families, said: “This is great news of Tameside children, who are now more likely to start school with the social, emotional and developmental skills to be able to learn, progress and achieve their best. In the long term, this will help improve skills, opportunities, life chances and prosperity for local families while decreasing dependency on public services.”
To find out about free early education and childcare places for two year olds see www.tameside.gov.uk/surestart/childcare/2yearoldfunding
Families of 3 and 4 year olds who meet criteria can apply for up to 30 hours a week free early education or childcare. Apply before 31st December for funding to start in See www.tameside.gov.uk/childcare/thirtyhoursfree for details.
For any further  childcare enquiries – such as support for families to complete applications  for funded places - contact the Family Information Service on 0161 342 4260.