Tameside Council wins award

TAMESIDE Council has been named LGC (Local Government Chronicle) Council of the year for 2016.
The judges paid tribute to Tameside as a bold and creative authority that shows influence, realism and courage. They praised its current ambition as the culmination
of years of hard work.
The Executive leader of Tameside Council, commented:
"With more than 400 councils across the country delivering fantastic services we are humbled and delighted to have been recognised in this way. The judges at the Local Government Chronicle said:
"This a bold and creative council which shows influence, realism and courage. It has demonstrated how its current ambition is the culmination of years of hard work"
"This award is a powerful and independent endorsement of the work of our communities, partners, volunteers and staff and we would like to extend our thanks and recognition to all of those who work with us on a daily basis to improve the lives of Tameside residents and to make Tameside the great place we all know it is."
"Times have never been harder for local government, so it is gratifying to know that despite the severe budget cuts we have been enduring since 2010, TamesideCouncil is still managing to make our borough a better place."
Steven Pleasant, chief executive of Tameside Council, added:
"Winning this coveted award is fantastic. It says much for the hard work of our staff that we were able to win LGC Council of the Year and I would like to thank them all for their dedication, and congratulate them on their success."
LGC editor Nick Golding said:
"It is vital that we celebrate the best of local government, not least as the talent and innovation of council officers and councillors is often not recognised to the extent it should be."
"The recipients of the awards are the people doing the most to improve services at a time resources are constrained. We should thank them for their great work."
Actor Stephen Mangan, star of the new television series Houdini and Doyle, presented the award to Tameside Council's executive leader, Cllr Kieran Quinn, and the chief executive, Mr Steven Pleasant.
Projects which particularly impressed the judges were: English Fine Cottons, Care Together, Vision Tameside, Ashton Old Baths, Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF) as pension fund of the decade, GMPF investment and pension pooling, Tameside Investment Partnership (TIP) - £250 million investment in schools, A+ Trust and educational attainment, i-Network.
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