Fly tipping Day of Action

Tameside Council led a multi-agency approach to disrupt individuals illegally dumping waste in the area.


Working with Greater Manchester Police and the Environment Agency, separate teams went out across the borough for a specially organised Day of Action.
The groups toured the area in police cars, pulling over suspected vehicles to check drivers had the correct documentation for the waste loads being carried.
In total 14 vehicles were stopped and four Fixed Penalty Notices were issued to drivers, for either not having waste transfer notes or being licenced waste carriers. As well as this, the teams visited local waste disposal sites to check that their documentation was all in order.
There was also a fly tipping cleansing team patrolling the borough and they were able to clear up seven waste sites across Tameside.
Fly tipping is a big problem throughout the area and Tameside Council receives new requests every day to clear locations of illegally dumped rubbish.
The team visited 276 fly tipping complaints throughout the area in January and February, and during the same period 113 Fixed Penalty Notices were issued for littering offences.
Cllr Brenda Warrington, Executive Leader of Tameside Council, said: “By teaming up with Greater Manchester Police and the Environment Agency we are showing fly tippers that we are out in force to disrupt their operations. We are grateful for the invaluable support we have received from both organisations and their specialist officers who took part.
“Events like this Day of Action form part of an on-going Tameside Council strategy to clamp down on individuals who dump waste illegally, spoiling the area for hard-working residents.”
To report any fly tipping in the area please go to the Tameside Council website or call 0161 342 8355
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