Bin men make Tameside youngsters day

The crew of a Tameside Council bin lorry made the day of a couple young brothers who are fascinated by what they do.
James and Ben Willis who are six and three-years-old got their mum to write a letter saying how they think the bin men are really 'cool'. No matter the weather, the boys always insist on walking to school and nursery on collection day to see the crew in action.
After seeing the letter, the crew decided to pay the boys a visit to say hello and thank them for getting in touch. They brought the brothers some goodies including high-vis vests, council hats, safety goggles and mini wheelie bins.
In the letter to the team, James said: "I am sat telling my mummy to type this letter because I want to tell you that the bin men we see every day Monday make our day. We see them on the way to school about 8:15am, they usually do the blue bins.
"They are the best bin men in the world! They always wave, smile, give us thumbs up and flash lights and sometimes a beep of the horn."
The boys' mum, Kate Willis, said: "A few weeks ago James asked could we write to the council to thank them as the bin men always make his day walking to school. So we wrote them a letter to thank them, the lovely team stopped us one morning on the way to school and thanked us for the letter which made James's day.
"In the words of James 'today is the best day of my life' in a world of bad news this act of kindness made two little boys happier than they will know."
Garry Parker, Head of Operations and Neighbourhoods for Tameside Council, said: "It's great Ben and James took time to contact us at waste and recycling services.
"The crew, Daz, Stuart and John, often see the boys when they are on their Monday round and flash the truck's lights or sound the horn when they see them. The team were delighted the children showed an interest and wanted to take some time out to say hello."
Tameside Council Executive Member for Neighbourhood Services Cllr Allison Gwynne said: "Our waste and recycling workers provide a vital service and we're lucky to have such a great team who take time to connect with our community. I hope Ben and James enjoyed meeting the crew. I'm sure they'll be looking out for them in future!"
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