Litter Hubs Network launched


EQUIPMENT has been made easily available to help community-spirited residents carry out clean-ups.

Tameside Council has launched the Litter Hubs Network where residents or groups can book out free equipment, including high vis jackets, litter pickers, gloves and black bags, from community places. Council officers will then arrange for the rubbish to be disposed of appropriately.

Littering is a blight across the country but the local authority is encouraging residents to take pride in their neighbourhood and help keep Tameside tidy.

The campaign includes the message: "Let's pick up the past – so we can protect the future." 

The network includes popular venues across Tameside, such as Hyde's Grafton Centre, Portland Basin Museum, Bennett Street Youth Community Centre and Jigsaw Homes' Newton Hub.  Nine venues have been established with more expected to be added as the initiative evolves.  A handy chart has been created listing the venues, the times they're open and the facilities and activities available to help bring residents together.

Participants will be given a safety checklist and asked to sign out the equipment.

Cllr Allison Gwynne, Tameside Council Executive Member for Neighbourhood Services, said: "We're providing free equipment that we've arranged to be available from community places and we're asking residents to help us keep Tameside tidy by utilising these resources to take part in clean-ups.

"We want to empower people to take responsibility and tackle those grot spots. Whether it's a gathering of friends, neighbours or a community group, we want people to come together and have a good time while putting the pride back in their area. It's this kind of co-operative work that's making Tameside a better place for all."

A group called The Litter Community (TLC) Hyde has also been established that brings residents, landlords, councillors and council officers together to help address issues in that area. A group Facebook page has been created at to share information, before and after photos and promote litter picks.

For further information, please visit or contact Sharron Power on 07980 993553 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..