Visits to supermarkets and essential retailers increased to protect Tameside


OFFICERS are increasing visits to supermarkets and essential businesses in Tameside to ensure that coronavirus rules are being followed to keep everyone safe.

Environmental health and compliance officers from Tameside Council have teamed with Greater Manchester Police in a bid to drive down infection rates.

With licensed premises closed, they are targeting hot spots in the retail sector, visiting supermarkets every day as well as off licences and other essential businesses that have remained open. Last week, 190 retail spot checks took place. Officers are also responding to reports of household gatherings and parties.

Advice and support is being given to ensure measures to protect people are being undertaken, with Fixed Penalty Notices issued when appropriate where people aren't complying.

Local Covid infection rates are continuing to increase, particularly with the new more transmissible Covid variant, making it essential that people follow the 'stay at home' rules to protect the NHS and save lives.

The national lockdown means people cannot leave their homes except for specified and limited reasons, including essential medical needs and food shopping, exercise and work for those who cannot do so from home. The full guidance can be viewed at NationalLockdownGuidance.pdf (

It's vital when shopping in supermarkets and other essential businesses to remember to wear a face covering, keep your distance from others and wash or sanitise your hands before and afterwards.

Tameside Council Executive Leader Cllr Brenda Warrington said: "I'd like to thank businesses and their staff for everything they're doing to serve people safely and residents who are following the rules to keep themselves and others safe.


"No-one wants to put these restrictions on people's lives and livelihoods but it's important that the measures needed are followed and enforced to protect everyone while the vaccinations that are being rolled out across Tameside take effect.


"We all need to remember those whose lives have been seriously affected by the Coronavirus and do everything we can to protect each other and prevent further illness and suffering. Sticking to the rules could make the difference in preventing someone you know, love and care about falling seriously ill with the virus."


Information on support available can be found at