Model search for Tameside Ladies


Poll Bank Park in Hyde was the setting for a magazine shoot for New Vintage Magazine CVH 1st CLASS Magazine. Here Sue Wilson,  Volunteer Model Steps back in Time.

The other model was ill and Christina Howard the Editor had to step in.  She says “ Sue is wonderful, she helps so many charities when she’s not working as Lead Nurse for outpatients at Tameside Hospital.

The magazine is unique as real people and volunteers run it. Christina said the photo shoot was for their second issue in May.  Asked about who or what is her magazine?  She says  “Some people may remember a time when Neighbours were families and friends, everyone knew the local doctor and policeman, and there were characters in the neighbourhood, we could all tell a story about”.

Christina takes readers on a journey to meet CVH 1st CLASS Group who are all Volunteers who contribute our time freely.  Among them are Journalists- Pilots- Police Officer- Cleaners- Doctors- Singers- Civil Servants- Comedians- Nurses- Pensioners- Teachers- Air Hostess- Stars- Housewives- Pensioners - Cooks.  To name but a few. Real People covering Real Stories. Christina comes from a publishing background and is a Freelance Journalist - She’s a former Film Director-Fashion Catwalk Model-  Marketing PR and worked with USA Top Global Companies and credited by famous CEOs for her Innovative Skills that’s unique and always one step ahead.

She fell in love with a Manchester Clothing Catalogue Manufacture who wouldn’t live in USA. as a strong career lady at the time, this was a shock, but it was difficult to have a relationship with an ocean between them.

Christina says  “ To everyone’s shock I gave it up for Love and have no regrets.  I have found great happiness with Brian and I’ve come to love Tameside. I see things differently.  I’ve had an exciting privileged past life and I’m still in contact with all the Celebrities I’ve worked with and I tell them I actually found Myself in Tameside as living here has humbled me. I’ve made Wonderful friends here Ordinary Real People who don’t realise how special they are.  Now Our Online Magazine shows the Pride we have for Living in Tameside”.

Bob Alston is their volunteer Sub Editor who’s a photographer who shares the same vision as their ladies and Gentlemen. They are looking for Volunteer Models All Ages and Sizes to contact them on Tel No 07713973640.

 Its Character Models they are looking for as this Summer they are moving about through the Towns Acting- Dressing Up in Vintage Style.

The magazine also covers Today’s Issues and  Readers True Heart warming stories. Simon Scholfield West End Star and Buzz Hawkins Creator of The Bradshaw’s Radio Comedy are Columnists in the May Issue. Christina Specially Thanks Your Tameside and Tameside Culture for their strong Support.

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