Talented Denton schoolboy appeals for sponsorship for new Cello

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Callum Hilton, a talented 11 year old musician, is hoping to raise the money for a new cello in order to pursue his dream.

Callum is already an exciting pianist and cellist. Although only 11 years old, he his committed to his music.

His family are doing their best to help support Callum's music, but due to ongoing expenses, have turned to  Kickstarter to help raise some vital funds needed to purchase a new 3/4 size cello.Callum is a student atChetham's School of Music in Manchester, UK - a specialist school for gifted and talented musicians - and the new cello is a requirement for his study there.

The cello is a beautiful instrument, and Callum is gaining many skills whilst learning. Playing cello is teaching him the value of teamwork, and giving him experience in playing in an orchestra. All of this is vital to his ongoing musical development. The piano has taught him other skills, allowing him to be solo performer.

He has already performed at his local church, where he regularly plays for the congregation and at church rehearsal and performances.

Those that had the opportunity to see Callum perform at his debut solo concert - lasting for almost 2 hours - were overwhelmed by his skill and charm on both instruments. Callum helped raise over £1,200 by selling tickets and CDs at this concert, but he still needs a further £1,000 to reach his target for purchasing a new cello by September 2014.

Now we are turning to a wider audience, and asking people support him and watch out for him as he progresses in his musical journey.

We are offering anyone pledging £10 or more a signed Callum Hilton "Debut" piano CD, performances of music by Bach, Scarlatti, Chopin and Debussy. The liner notes offer a little history of how he got started, the competitions he has won, and where he his now.

Alongside Callum's cello and piano study, he is also a promising composer, and spends many hours working on his own pieces, which he hopes one day he can record in a studio, for his ever-growing fan base to listen to.

If you would like to pledge £10 or more, please give the name and address of the person who you like the CD to be sent to.

Callum is planning more concerts and CDs in the coming years, to help him improve and to gain performing experience. He loves nothing more than sharing music.

Callum and his mum, Tracy, would like to send their best wishes to the supporters of Kickstarter, and also to James at www.pianorecording.co.uk who so kindly helped Callum make the video for Kickstarter to help raise funds for his cello.

The cello that Callum has at present has been loaned to him until the end of September 2014. Has it belongs to another family, to whom it must soon be returned. Therefore Callum needs a new cello of his own, before the start of the school year, in order for him to practice and get used to the new size and feel.

Financing Callum's musical career will always be challenging, but he brings so much enjoyment to so many people, especially when he plays at the many charity events he is involved in. That's why he likes the cello - he can take it anywhere, unlike a piano, and he can use his talent to help others.

We would love for Callum to earn enough so he can get his new cello for his 12th birthday, at the end of August log onto www.callumhiltonmusic.wordpress.com or click on Callums video below.

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