Tameside Adopters Nikki and Steven* share their heart-warming story


Nikki and Steven dreamed of having a large family.

Nikki always wanted four children, and when they met at University and got married, both were excited to start a family. 

But, the couple shared: "When we had our third child, our world was turned upside down. We had a baby who had a diagnosis at eighteen months of cerebral palsy. We were told he would never walk and would have lots of challenges both physically and mentally."

The couple's happy family continued to grow though, and as their five birth children grew older they started to think about extending their family again.

Steven said: "We missed having a little one causing chaos around the house."

"Nikki had a social worker friend who worked within adoption services, who told her how children over the age of three can really struggle to get adopted, especially if they have medical problems".

Nikki and Steven started to think about whether they could provide support to another child due to their parenting experiences, and maybe give them a chance they wouldn't otherwise have.

They contacted Adoption Now, the regional adoption agency for Tameside and surrounding areas, and soon after being approved at panel to become adoptive parents, Nikki and Steven were matched with a little girl called Alice who was struggling to find her forever home as she had some medical problems.

Nikki and Steven felt that due to their experience of similar health issues they could support Alice and provide her with the loving, caring home she deserved.

They have shared their story to encourage those considering adoption to come forward.

"Meeting our new daughter was the most memorable, exciting, and nerve-wracking time. Seeing our birth children's faces and reaction when they first met her, we knew that we had made the right decision."

Cllr Bill Fairfoull, Deputy Executive Leader of Tameside Council, who has responsibility for Children and Families said:  "It's truly heart-warming to read about Nikki, Steven and Alice, and I'm thrilled that Alice has found her forever home. It's an inspirational story."

"As someone who was adopted at an early age myself, I know the value of being an adoptive parent and what it can bring to a young child." 

"The love and support provided by new parents such as Nikki and Steven makes an enormous difference to children's lives, and I would urge anyone considering adoption to find out more by contacting Adoption Now today."

If you're considering adoption, contact Adoption Now at by visiting www.adoptionnow.org.uk or calling 01204 336096

*All names have been changed to protect the identity of the family.